Kalani Games consistently works on new Intellectual Properties and its IP Portfolio in creating new designs and titles for CrossMedia Entertainment. We take pride in the variety of Intellectual Properties we create, design and develop.

Each Intellectual Property is treated as a franchise and is designed for CrossMedia Entertainment.


Storytelling across multiple entertainment media platforms with each element making distinctive contributions to a player/viewer/user's understanding of the story world. By using different media formats, we create "entrypoints" through which consumers can become immersed in a story world.

Two prominent factors drive the growth of transmedia storytelling. The first is the proliferation of new media forms such as video games, internet, cloud, PC, VR, social and mobile platforms and the demand for content in each. The second is an economic incentive for media creators to lower production costs by sharing assets across different Media such as Games, Movies, TV Animation, Books.


For the console, PC, VR, handheld, casual, online, cloud and mobile platforms. Currently Kalani Games is working on Game Design Documents, concepts and prototypes for the next-gen console, casual, mobile and online platforms.

TV animation, Film and Movies, Comics and Books, Toys, BoardGames and other Merchandising.

The more epic Properties include a TV or Film script.

The IP Portfolio of Kalani Games is currently being pitched to various Publishers and Entertainment Studios in the games and film industry. The IP Portfolio will outline an extensive list of titles available, including genres of Action, Drama, Adventure, RPG, Fighting, First-Person Shooters, Puzzles, Platformers, and more. Upon further request additional information such as a Pitch document, Game Design Document or Prototype can be supplied for each title. Each Property is available for Licensing, Purchase, Development, Publishing and Investment Ownership. Publishers, Investors and Developers can request more details about its IP Portfolio by contacting Products.

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