The Management and Team Members of Kalani Games have over 25+ years of game design, production, branding, licensing and business development expertise. Their extensive games history across multiple platforms is listed below demonstrating the quality, dedication, expertise, variety and range of knowledge and skills Kalani Games can offer.

Deus Ex: Insurrection

Working Title Deus Ex: Insurrection, a sequel based on the successful Deus Ex Franchise. It was a game aimed for the Xbox, PC and PS2 with the vision to "create an accessible and believable action-packed Deus Ex game with emotional depth and epic choices". The game underwent its design and pre-production phase, and unfortunately wasn't completed. Years later Eidos in partnership with SquareEnix released Deux Ex: Human Revolution which incorporated the original vision as well as many design elements and concepts of the original Deus Ex: Insurrection.

American McGee's OZ

American McGee's Oz game comes from the twisted mind that reinvented the "Alice In Wonderland" tale as a freak show nightmare. Based on L. Frank Baum's beloved children's novel, the game was conceived as a prequel to the original stories, taking gamers through skewed versions of the Lands of Oz terrorized by war and devastation. American McGee decided to build the Oz franchise from the top down. The characters, world, and style of the game are all fairly well developed during a lengthy pre-production period and playable prototype with a movie deal in the works. Yet, the Publisher decided to cancel the title in early 2004.

Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon

Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon is an Action/Fighting game which includes one of the best known fighters of all time, Bruce Lee. For the first time ever, Bruce Lee fans will be able to play as the master on a next generation video game console. Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon features an epic storyline reminiscent of Bruce Lee's movies in which he battles multiple enemies to rescue his kidnapped father and retrieve the mystical Golden Relic, keeper of ancient martial arts secrets. Players must perfect a variety of martial arts styles including Lee's signature Jeet Kune Do moves as they travel through action-packed gameplay levels set in locales such as Hong Kong and San Francisco.

Star Wars: Force Commander

Prepare for ground assault! Think you have what it takes to command a battalion of AT-ATs? Or to defend the Rebel stronghold at Hoth? Prove it in Star Wars: Force Commander, an intense real-time ground combat experience like no other. As you weave through the epic storyline, lead both the Empire's monolithic military might and the ragtag-yet-resourceful Rebels. Keep your war machine humming in single- and multiplayer modes. The ultrarealistic 3D terrain and vehicles give you the power to guide your troops to victory. This is war. This is Force Commander!

Legend Of The Blademaster

The story of Legend of the Blademaster starts off in a kingdom where Erik Valdemar and others master the true magic of the mysterious Blades, and learn the dark secret that links them to the carnage and devastation of the kingdom.

Armor Command

Earth is at war with an invading civilization. On the border between the two races, two fleets are engaged in a final deadly battle. Select, navigate and target vehicles and groups with a mouse click. Re-program your troops on the fly without superseding your initial commands.

Black Onyx

The Onyx is a story of human transposed to a wonderful fantasy world called Maya and trying to get back to earth. In his or her search for a way back, this human becomes the central hero of the other world as if he or she had been sent there to save it. The hero's acquired role is to find the Black Onyx, a gem of unimaginable power, and carry it through many adventures to a place where it can be kept from the grasp of the evil Saturnus who would use it to enslave the people of Maya. This new version of a classic game has not been released, but someday it will!

Mech Warrior II

This is the best-selling, revolutionary game that defined 3D combat simulation as you know it. Based on FASA's Battletech® universe, MechWarrior 2 brings the brutal world of futuristic, robotic combat to life. Battling from within the cockpit of a 70-story walking war machine, the BattleMech®, you'll live the drama of civil war between two rival Clans whose survival depends upon your combat skills and faith in the honor of the Clan. From cadet training through ultimate victory as Khan of the Wolf Clan or Jade Falcon Clan, MechWarrior 2's mission-based story line and exciting warfare action plunges gamers into a relentless world where warriors know only the euphoria of victory or the shame of death and disgrace.

Ball Blazer Champions

An new version of the classic Ballblazer. The basic rules have stayed the same: two players in rotofoils compete to put the plasmorb Ball into the enemy's goal. the new version adds numerous power-ups including weapons into the game, so you can blast the enemy out of the way. Choosing one of 8 different characters, each with a unique rotofoil, you compete in the Interstellar Ballblazer Championship to attain the title of Master Blazer. After winning a game, you can upgrade your rotofoil with new equipment. In addition to the tournament mode, there is also a practice option and a split-screen multiplayer mode.

Dark Forces

Dark Forces is LucasArts' first 1st-person shooter. The game is set in the familiar Star Wars universe, and contains almost all of the Imperial characters such as stormtroopers, officers, and droids. Behind a veil of secrecy the evil Empire is creating a doomsday army - one that, if finished, will become the final cog in the Empire's arsenal of terror and domination. Join the Rebel Alliance's covert operations division, infiltrate the Empire, then battle every man and machine the Imperial Forces can muster. Search a vast galaxy for clues, attack enemy bases - all in a desperate attempt to stop the activation of this fearsome new weapon. It's you and your blaster against an entire Empire. May the Force be with you.


X-Wing and Missions Disks. In X-Wing, you're part of the Rebels and have to fight the evil imperial troops - in space! The game has a lot of different mission types and you fly the famous Star Wars spacecrafts, like A-Wings, Y-Wings and of course the X-Wing. The gameplay is very addictive, and the controls are easy to learn - you can divide up the ship energy on lasers, shields and engine.

TIE Fighter

TIE Fighter and Missions Disks. You are a member of the Imperial Navy, eager to fight the Rebel Alliance and other scum to strengthen the rule of Darth Vader and the Emperor. You will fly a variety of craft from the lowly Tie Fighter to the speedy Tie Interceptor to the high-powered Tie Advanced.

Super Star Wars

Play the game that's based on the movie! Journey through strange planets, fight aliens, rescue driods, and much more. Be Luke Skywalker, Han Solo or Princess Leia. You can use your blasters and lightsabers to make your way through the Star Wars movie.

Super Empire Strikes Back

Relive the adventure from "The Empire Strikes Back" in this videogame based on the classic movie! Play as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia or Chewbacca where you must journey to all corners of the galaxy.
Battle the AT-AT Walker's on the Ice Planet of Hoth using the SNES Mode 7. Fly the Millennium Falcon through an Asteroid Field.

Super Return Of The Jedi

You select your character from the movie before each level, as each one has different abilites. try to beat the level based on the movie's scenes brandishing lightsabers, blasters or crossbows, etc. depending on your choice of character. Gameplay consists of standard platform action spiced up with some slightly different (gameplay-wise) sequences like piloting the Millenium Falcon.

In the sequel to "Zombies Ate My Neighbors" you as the kids - Zeke and/or Julie - have to save the world from the demon the lord of skeletons, ghouls, ghosts and creatures. Shooting them by super-new weapons like the Plasma Gun or Lobbing Smash Gun, you need to rescue ten trapped victims on each level and fight the boss at the end. But remember, ammo is limited.

Ghoul Patrol

This game is based closely on Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. It combines a number of gameplay styles, but primarily it is a side scrolling run-and-jump platformer. The game begins on Tatooine, where you, as Luke Skywalker, must travel around and meet up with R2D2, C3PO, Obi-Wan, and more. Eventually, you travel through Mos Eisley and the Death Star as well. While most of the game has you controlling Luke, Han or Leia directly, some of the various game styles include a first-person Millennium Falcon asteroid belt sequence, and an overhead view Death Star trench run.

Star Wars NES

Based on the movie, You play as Luke Skywalker using your blaster, lightsaber and force power skills, you must journey through Hoth, Echo Base, Dagobah, Bespin and Cloud City. Enemies such as Darth Vader and Boba Fett will appear along the way, while R2, Yoda and Obi-Wan appear to give you tips on enemy weaknesses. Also keep and eye out for things you won't see in the movie, such as trying to beat Slave 1 (Boba Fett's ship) and fighting Cloud Cars.

Empire Strikes Back NES and Gameboy

A fast-flowing game of skill, strategy and plumbing. Perfect desktop stress-buster, terrific tournament game, and a serious spatial strategy puzzle.

Pipe Dream

Loom is an extraordinary and beautiful adventure game. The hero is Bobbin Threadbare, a weaver. In the world of Loom, everyone belongs to a guild. Apart from the weavers, there are sheperds, blacksmiths, glass makers. When Bobbin embarks on his quest, he has no inventory (very unusual in an adventure game), he will solve problems not with items, but with "drafts", spells consisting of four notes of music. These drafts can be written down in the beautiful Book of Patterns that is present even in later jewelcase editions.


1939 - The eve of World War II. Nazi agents are about to get their hands on a weapon more dangerous than the atom bomb. Only Indy can stop them before they unleash the deadly secret that sank Atlantis!

Indiana Jones: Fate Of Atlantis

It is a side-scrolling adventure at its best! Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures is the only Indy game released for Super Nintendo and has proven to be a favorite among fans. Greatest Adventures offers you a chance to relive the most exciting adventures from all three Indiana Jones films, from the thrilling boulder chase through the Chachapoyan temple, to the Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the hairpin turns in the mine cart chase from Temple of Doom, to the fight to the death atop a cliff-bound tank from The Last Crusade, this game has it all.

Indiana Jones Greatest Adventures

It is 1938 and adventurer Indiana Jones is joined by his father on this quest, preventing Adolf Hitler from capturing the Holy Grail. He will have to deal with Nazi guards, the Luftwaffe and enemy spies as he tries to stop the tyrannical Nazi leader. The Graphic Adventure uses the same SCUMM gameplay system as the previous Maniac Mansion. Most locations are from the movie, but some further scenes are added. In keeping with Indiana's action-man persona, the game also features pure action scenes. Unlike most Lucasfilm adventures, you can die.

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

Zak McKracken is a tabloid reporter (and not a very good one at that). Based upon a psychadelic dream, Zak one day realizes that something is wrong -- Space Aliens are dumbifying the general public through the telephone system. Zak must stop this, but he can't do it alone. After finding a magic crystal (or some sort of crystal), Zak manages to get the help of Anthropologist, Annie, and her friends, Melissa and Leslie. Between the four characters (all of which you control), you can destroy the dumbifying devices and save the earth. Not too bad for a tabloid reporter.

Zak McKracken

The Edison mansion has always been a creepy old house on the edge of town. There have been rumors of strange experiments going on and of odd creatures living amongst the Edison family. There is even a story that a meteorite once crashed near the home nearly 20 years ago. More immediately, a girl named Sandy has gone missing from the local highschool and her boyfriend Dave swears that he saw Dr. Fred abducting her. Dave knows that he cannot do it alone and will need help from two other students if he has any hope of infiltrating the mansion and rescuing Sandy.

Maniac Mansion

It is 1940, the darkest time of World War 2. It is very clear that the war’s outcome will be decided by navy and air power. The Japanese Air Force and Navy are controlling the Pacific air space. Can the Allied Air Forces step up against the Axis? Strategically maneuver the aircraft carriers and battle groups to establish strategic superiority. Will the outcome be as history has shown or will it fall to the Axis superpowers?

AirWing Tactics

I-play Bowling shoots for bringing the success of Wii Sports' bowling game to cellphones. Create your Avatar and bowl in 3D and 2D. Use a bowling motion to release the ball and tilt the phone to control Spin as it rolls down the lane towards the pins.

Iplay Bowling

Did Brad Pitt's mother say he was still in love with Jennifer Aniston? Did Britney really try to have her baby's teeth bleached? Think you know everything about celebrity and pop culture? Prove it! Each week 50 new true or false questions about the previous week's pop culture happenings are provided. Try to figure out which questions and photos are legit – you can see how other players have guessed.

VH1: Best Week Ever Trivia

Get the most realistic Fishing Experience possible on a mobile device. Players use their phone as Fishing Rods, similar to Wii-like motions, which translates their hand motions into onscreen activity. Players select from a variety of challenges and Fish on Real-Life lakes like Florida's Lake kissimmee and Texas' Sam Rayburn.

Real Cast Bass Fishing

Magic 8 ball has all the answers! Ask a question and see your answers in the window on this mobile version of Mattel's popular Magic 8 Ball.

Magic 8-Ball

Mirinda Racing is a Mobile Advertising Game based on the worldwide popular softdrink Mirinda. In Mirinda Racing, the characters Strawberry, Orange, and Green race their futuristic motorcycles through 12 races found in four different locations around the world. They must collect Mirinda drinks and power-ups, as well as avoid obstacles, to stay alive and advance to the next location.

Pepsi Mirinda Racing

Time to establish your rep against the best racers in New York. There are three races in five game locations. Earn cash in each race to buy your way into the next races. The final races are one-on-ones against members of G-Unit. Defeat Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, and Tony Yayo to race against 50 Cent in the final race. Beat 50 to the finish line and you'll become a member of G-Unit and win the game!

50 Cent: Stuntin

A tactial Action-Strategy game whereas you are a Counter-Terrorist Elite Squad hunting down various Terrorist Threats.

Elite Squad

Come to the islands and play a casual game of golf on authentic Hawaiian golf courses such as Kaanapali, Kapalua and Makena. This is as close as you'll get to playing these famous golf courses. The game includes Single, Tour (series of games), Four-some and Online Tournament.

Hawaii Golf Classics

Hawaii Beach Soccer is a fun 3-on-3 casual soccer game on the beaches of Hawaii. Play a friendly game against the locals, or a tournament against other beach soccer teams.

Hawaii Beach Soccer

A classic award-winning solitaire game played with tiles like Shanghai -- a flawless strategy game. Called “stunning”, “flawless” and “a mesmerizing game that will keep you spellbound”, Ishido became an instant classic in its genre. Because of its unique and addictive game play Ishido has been adapted to multiple platforms. Now this mesmerizing game is available on the cell phone platform.


Xtreme Frisbee Football offers a fast paced thrill and unique game appeal with incredible Frisbee flight dynamics never before seen on a mobile platform. Play friendly and other teams in a tournament.

Xtreme Frisbee Football

Paradise beckons! Tempt the lovely island girls and boys by showing off your flair with a Frisbee! Game play is easy, addictive and infinitely engaging. This unique product includes a variety of competitive modes: Single Player, Challenge (series of games), or multiplayer up to 4 players.

Xtreme Frisbee Bowling

This is far more than a day at the park with your dog Rover – Xtreme Frisbee Golf will challenge you to a fun outdoor experience as you reach unheard heights of glory on exotic Hawaiian courses. Play authentic Hawaiian courses in a single, tournament or four-some game.

Xtreme Frisbee Golf

Heaven & Earth is a game experience inspired by the Tibetan kingdom of Shambala. It transcends the three categories of the freeform manner of toys, visual challenge of puzzles, and strategic interaction of games.

Heaven & Earth

Become the famous St. Louis Rams All-Pro Running Back. Weave, Strong-Arm, Jump or Punch your way through the defense of the opponent.

Marshall Faulk Football

Live the fantasy! Move the ball down the field for yet another touchdown as Michael Vick, Atlanta`s star Quarterback. This realistic game places you there, on the ground with in your face action like no other cell phone football game.

Michael Vick: 2-Minute Drill

Star Wars Screen Entertainment is a fan's disc full of Screen savers, Digital Movie Posters, Animation Sequences, a Complete Digitized Screenplay of Star Wars, and an inside look into the Classic George Lucas Film! It includes Star Wars BluePrints, Character Bios, Trench Animation, Imperical Clock, Jawas Raiding you Desktop, and a Lightsaber Duel.

Star Wars Screen Entertainment

WIRELESS WORKOUT application Monitors your Workout and Diet schedule. Watch video examples streaming to your phone showing you the different exercises.

Wireless Workout

Access Search is a custom Mobile Search Engine for AllTel carrier network. It delivers a quick, easy and fun experience for mobile subscribers combining an intuitive user interface and a mobile specific-search engine with a turnkey advertising-suite. The App covers categories of Ringtones, Wallpapers, Games, Applications, Weather, News, Sports, Maps, Directions, Yellow and White Pages.

Access Search

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